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Frequently Asked Questions

Movies & TV -> UV -> UV Service

  • How does the UV Service work?
    The UV Service provides you with a UV account that holds your purchased selections. You may then merge the new account into an existing account.

Movies & TV -> Slip Covers

Movies & TV -> Vudu -> D2D

  • How does the D2D Cart product option work?
    Products with the 'Format' of 'D2D Cart' will be directly added to your retailer account's disc-to-digital cart. The retailer for a particular product can be identified by: 'D2D Cart for [Retailer]'. Your retailer account's credentials are required during checkout. To increase security, your password will not be sent to our servers. Instead, your browser will log-in securely to the retailer and the authentication data will be saved with the order.
    'D2D Cart' product purchases are automatically added to the disc-to-digital cart of the retailer account provided during checkout. You will receive a shipment email after the process has completed.
  • What disc type will the d2d cart price be based on?
    Currently all the 'D2D Cart' products are from Blu-ray discs. (Yes physical discs). In the future, DVD options will be available in order to offer the title (such as: when the Blu-ray disc does not work for the retailer or when the Blu-ray is recognized as a DVD). Once DVDs (and Blu-ray recognized as DVDs) are added this answer will be updated.